Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bubble Gum Smaak

Eccles Cake.
Is this a modern version of the raisin cakes offered to Asherah on the high places mentioned in the Old Testament?
Probably not.

One of the rather unfortunate sins which the people in the Old Testament got up to was offering raisin cakes to the queen of heaven. This was not Our Lady, of course, but rather Asherah, the consort of Ba'al, a foreign god who tempted the people from the true worship of the Lord. What used to happen was that they would sneak off and offer raisin cakes to her on the high places. I guess it had something to do with fertility.

I feel I must mention this as my office now looks like an offering place to the queen of heaven in Old Testament times. I have given into the safe keeping of the true Queen of Heaven, innumerable gifts. There are no raising cakes (thank goodness!) but there is a Toblerone, a bar of chocolate, a packet of crisps (barbecue flavour), a wooden bowl, a pain d'epice, and bubble gum smaak.

It was my birthday yesterday, and I received presents. From the college I received an upside down cornetto surrounded by orange segments. And then during the day, quite by surprise, boys came. First two boys gave me a bar of chocolate, then another a toblerone. Two of them made me a wooden bowl. And one boy, at the end of the afternoon break, gave me a full bag of bubble gum smaak. They are sour jelly sweets, if you are not familiar with the delights of Lutti.

I cannot say how moved I am. These are real things for the boys. These are their sweets. It is like school currency. For a boy, you do not just give away chocolate or sour, jelly sweets. I really am quite touched by their kindness.

So I gave them to Our Lady to look after.

The boys cannot understand that I still have bubble gum smaak after a whole day and have not eaten it yet. What kind of fool am I to have such untold riches and just have them lying about! Boys can be very kind, but they can never understand such foolishness... so Our Lady is protecting them for me.
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