Friday, 5 August 2011

Government epetition for a Catholic King

Title: Remove anti-Catholic Discrimination re. the Monarchy.
Government Department: Cabinet Office.
Description: Remove the ban on the Monarch being a Catholic or converting to Catholicism.

Could our next King be Catholic?

How many times do we have to try to do this? Every now and then we hear politicians say that they will remove anti-Catholic legislation which would allow the monarch to be married to a Catholic or even, shock, horror... convert to Catholicism. They usually say it around election time!

I do not really believe in Government by e-petition and I very much doubt that they would actually change the law, but how wonderful if our politicians had to stand up in Parliament in front of the world and declare themselves to be discriminatory towards our faith. It would at least be a definitive statement, and not the usual, "Oh it's just too difficult to do."

It needs 100,000 signatures... mine is one, so tell everyone you know, and ask them to sign it!

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