Saturday, 13 August 2011

Defence of Catholic Rights against the NHS

The liberal agenda has always been at heart deeply illiberal; You can believe anything… except Catholicism.

At last Catholic rights has been defended. This article in the Telegraph reports Catholic Nurses who have refused to work in an abortion clinic. Eventually the NHS have said that they cannot force these good women to be complicit in the death of the unborn child. The nurses were defended by the Thomas More Legal Centre (link here).

The case is believed to be the first in which the Equality Act has been used successfully to defend a “pro-life” position as a philosophical belief and could have implications for other Christian medical staff.
The nurses, who are both from overseas and do not wish to be identified, were moved from their normal nursing duties at a London hospital to work once a week at an abortion clinic.
They were required to administer two drugs to pregnant women - Mifepristone and Misoprostol - to cause an induced miscarriage. The process, known as “early medical abortion”, is an increasingly common method of terminating a pregnancy and does not involve surgery.
When the nurses discovered that they were participating in abortions they objected but were told by managers that they must continue with the work.
One hospital manager allegedly told the pair: “What would happen if we allowed all the Christian nurses to refuse?”
However, the hospital later backed down after the Thomas More Legal Centre, which specialises in religious discrimination cases, took up their case.
After receiving a letter from the centre, the hospital initially told the nurses that they would be excused from administering the abortion-inducing drugs but would have to remain working at the clinic.
The nurses’ lawyer, Neil Addison, wrote again to the hospital stating that the nurses would still be “morally complicit in abortion” if they continued to work in the clinic as nurses in any capacity. The hospital eventually conceded and the nurses were allocated to other duties.

The extraordinary thing is that it is now a philosophical position to believe that life begins at conception. This concession could well open up many more claims of inequality against Catholics. In itself this is incredibly important for the people involved, so that they cannot be forced to be involved in an evil action. But it is also the first step in bringing about the rights of the unborn child. If a child in the womb has no rights, then there is very little that can be done, but if it becomes philosophically possible to believe that life begins at conception (in the law of course), then it is a starting point to try to afford rights to the unborn child.

It is a bizarre way of going about it, of course, but anything that could begin to bring about the corrosion of the lie which says that a child in the womb has no rights, is to be welcomed.

In the meantime, we pray.
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