Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Stained Glass of St George’s

St George's Warminster

It has to be said that there is not much stained glass in St George’s and all of it dates from the time of my predecessor, Fr Christopher. What there is, however, is quite fine.

The four panels in the sanctuary were commissioned from the Bath Aqua Glass (website here) and were blown by Themis Mikellides (see information about him here). I met his a few years ago when after someone had kicked a football into one of the evening windows. He’s a man who loves his stained glass. He was a pleasure to get to know, even on such a short basis.

Windows on the Epistle Side. Designed by Themis Mikellides.

Windows on the Gospel side. Designed by Themis Mikilledes.

They are designed so that in the morning the light is filtered in blue, and in the evening golden red.

The effect that they have is stunning. Of course the best view of them in sitting in the sanctuary, so only the priest and altar servers can fully appreciate them, but there is a lot to be said for seeing their effects, rather than the windows themselves.

There are also two rounded stained glass windows at the west end of the Church on the right depicting St George, and on the left the Annunciation.

St George

The Annunciation

They also are by Themis Mikellides, but for my money the sun through the sanctuary windows tip me in their favour.

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