Friday, 15 July 2011

St George’s Fame Spreads Abroad

We’ve been spotted! Dr Joseph Shaw, the chairman of the Latin Mass Society, came to Holy Mass last Sunday, and took photos which can be seen on his blog. It is lovely to have a record of the Latin Mass here in the parish. And there were a number of people there. In fact there are always a good number there!

I look very short, but that is only because my altar server, Douglas, is terribly tall. I remember when I taught him to be MC for High Mass. I told him that he was to accompany the Priest when he was going to preach to guard him from the infidels who might want to disturb his homily. I can honestly say, if Douglas is guarding you, you'd feel safe.

As I’m off in September and I do not know if this Mass will continue, I’m pleased we have a record of it.

There is a whole set of photo’s here.
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