Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Precious Blood and the Sweet Virgin Mary

The world lay hushed. The angel’s wings paused in their beating. The Virgin caught her breath. Her mind wondered, swelling to accept the word offered to her. And in a moment, a heartbeat, her soul gave its consent.

From all eternity she had been prepared for this moment… with no pride or arrogance in her. She had no need for self-glory, no fear of what others thought. She was innocence. Not a lack of sin, but lacking the knowledge that leads to it. That first sin, the original sin that corrupts and leads to corruption had no place in her.

When the angel spoke, she did not think what it would mean for her, what honour would be given her, what position or status. She thought only of the practicalities. And when she realised how it could be, how it could come about, then her mind and soul embraced the implications. She was new, completed, accomplished. When she said yes, she became what she was destined to be.

And the angels’ wings began to beat again. The planets sang in their heavenly course. And the Spirit came upon her.

And then the Precious Blood thickened in her womb as the God made man was incarnate.

The Precious Blood began in the body of the Sweet Virgin Mary.

She would shed no blood in childbirth, while His would be shed completely on the Cross. Her blood would be taken into heaven when her life on earth was ended, His would be poured out onto the earth to give true life for us below. She nourished His body alone with her blood, His blood was spattered on murderers and thieves and all who stood by.

His Precious Blood soaked her as she held Him in her arms. But not yet, not yet.

The Virgin said yes.

The Precious Blood was formed.

Sweet Virgin
who bore the flesh of God,
protect by your powerful intercession
all who bathe in the Precious Blood of your Son.
Let not His sacrifice be offered heedlessly
but lead all who desire heaven,
by works of mercy and love,
to the altar of the Cross.
Through Christ Our Lord.


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