Saturday, 30 July 2011

The New Parish Priest of Warminster

Fr Tom Smith

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that your next Parish Priest will be  Fr Tom Smith.

Fr Tom is currently curate at St Gregory’s Cheltenham, where he has been for the last five years.  He is a Salisbury chap so Warminster is known to him.

Unfortunately Fr Tom cannot come to the parish until mid October, the 15th to be exact, as he is away on holiday during August and the Parish Priest of Cheltenham is away in September. Fr Tom is committed to say Mass there until October 15th. So until then we will have visiting Priests to say Mass on the weekends and there will be fewer weekday Masses. I will let you know what will be happening when I find out.

Between my going and Fr Tom’s arrival, Canon Liam O’Driscoll will be able to act in the name of the Parish (this is a technical though very important part of a parish identity), and I will put in place different points of contact within the parish for funerals, emergencies, enquiries etc. When I have more of an idea how this will work over the six weeks or so, again I’ll let you know, but it has not been worked out yet.

A Priest is given to you. You do not choose him, and he does not choose you. His identity is bound up with yours. He is to be your father and your guide, he is to administer the sacraments to you, and be a faithful man of God, and a faithful servant of our Holy Mother Church. In this Fr Tom will be supported by your prayers.

As you can see Fr Tom has a full head of hair. I had a full head of hair when I came to the parish, and look at me now! I am not one to point the fickly finger of blame, but if I pass through Warminster in a years time, and poor Fr Tom looks like me, then I will have to say that it is entirely the fault of St George’s Warminster! Keep Fr Tom in your prayers as he prepares to come to the parish.

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