Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Lady Chapel in St George’s

Before I go leave for Chavagnes, which is getting surprisingly close, I thought that it might be good to look around the Church in St George’s, Warminster. Of course we have already seen pictures of it on Dr Shaw’s blog (link here), but I may be able to explain some parts of it for posterity!

I’ll begin with the Lady Chapel.

The statue of Our Lady is quite a fine one, and there is a good devotion to her. Additions to the chapel are the pillar to the front of it, which was added in as part of the Church re-ordering, which was completed by the dedication in 1978.

Fondly known by me as ‘the Word thing’, the plinth is designed for an opened copy of the Book of Gospels. The legend around it is ‘and the Word was made flesh’. Perfectly true of course, but the one thing that you see is ‘the Word’. Now I love Our Lady very, very much, but she is not ‘the Word’! I had meant to have it removed when the time came (the whole sanctuary had just been carpeted before I came) but that time never came. A lesson there, I think.

It was one of those ideas which seemed great. But great ideas are usually nonsense. After all, are you going to leave an expensive book open in Church? With the damp, and the normal damage of fingers and children, and the damage to the spine! And do you really thing anyone was ever going to go over and read it? Not such a good idea. Needless to say, we now use it for a list of people who need prayers. Now that it useful! And, gosh, the intercession of the Mother of God, who’d have thought it!

The roundels which were put up in my time. The Maria roundel is a figure which contains in it all the letter of MARIA. You can pick them out if you look hard enough. The other one is AM, not Ave Maria, but Auspice Maria, under the protection of Mary. They were pained by a local sign writer, Chico Holton (link here), and are silver leaf. They look beautiful in any light.
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