Saturday, 4 June 2011

Moving from Warminster to Chavagnes

St George's Warminster

I am currently Parish Priest at St George’s in Warminster, and have been here for the past five and a half years.

But all of that is going to change in the year ahead as my Bishop, Declan Lang, has given me permission to be Chaplain to the International College in Chavagnes. I must thank him, because priests are scarce in England, and our diocese will be going through many changes soon.

I announced to my people this weekend that I’d be off in September, so if they like, they can see what I’m going to be up to by following this… And hopefully I’ll be able to chronicle the life in this English School abroad in the coming months.

This time of the year is always an interesting one for priests as they wait by their telephones to see if they are being moved by the Bishop. It is quite odd for me to have pre-empted it and to know now that I am off.

Five and a half years is a reasonable time to be in a first parish, but it is good to know that I’m off to Chavagnes to do something I am very excited about. Of course, there is sadness in leaving any place and group of people, but I suppose that that is the nature of the priesthood. You get used to folks and they get used to you.

September will come all too soon, and there is a terrible amount of packing to do.
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